Gold Plan


1 visit per year, extensive home health report after visit
  • Check smoke/co detectors and change batteries
  • Sink p-trap drain replacement
  • Fire extinguisher check up
  • Refrigerator filter replacement
  • Add freshener to refrigerator
  • Garbage disposal servicing
  • GFCI outlets check
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Clean out sink aerators
  • Toilet tank leak detection
  • Check for leaks at all water using fixtures/appliances
  • Clean dishwasher screen
  • Inspect/repair sink/tub/shower caulking
  • Change out hvac filters
  • Check duct work condition
  • Inspect hvac systems for issues
  • Inspect roof, siding, doors, and windows
  • Inspect gutters
  • Inspect weather stripping
  • Lube garage doors
  • Inspect hose bibs
  • Inspect for wood rot
  • Attic inspection
  • Clean cob webs off home and in garage
  • Crawlspace inspection
    • Water leaks
    • Toilet leaks
    • Wood moisture readings
    • Insect/pest activity
    • Dehumidifier operation
    • Electrical hazards
    • General condition
    • Moisture barrier
    • Make recommendations


With our popular GOLD PLAN, you will receive:

-Priority emergency service for your home
-2 hours of one-on-one concierge home improvement consulting
-Access to the Genius library
-Monthly newsletter with valuable coupons and DIY tips
-Free gifts throughout the year from local businesses
-Free Mr. Home Genius swag
-24/7 email where you can get free advice
-Free quotes from Mr. Home Genius’ in house handyman or from one of our vetted contractor partners
-Up front and transparent pricing on our listed home services (ex. Dishwasher install, ceiling fan install, door knob install, etc.)
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