What We Do

Mr. Home Genius serves our homeowners by routinely maintaining their home through multiple home maintenance plans, advising the homeowner on needed/desired remodels, referring quality contractors from our vetted contractor partner database, and giving more value than would be expected. Mr. Home Genius wants to partner with you the homeowner, and show that we care for your home as if it were ours.

Your home is your refuge, a place where your family should spend time together, not making home repairs. Mr. Home Genius has a home maintenance plan that fits every size home, and every size budget. From evaluating your crawlspace, inspecting your shingles, cleaning your dryer vent, replacing your filters, to changing the batteries in your smoke detectors, we’ve got you covered.

Homeowners who have a home maintenance plan get access to our Mr. Home Genius Concierge Program, where you get one-on-one time with an experienced home remodel professional to discuss, advise, recommend, and see your remodel to fruition. It always helps to have someone outside the remodel shed light on variables you may not have thought about. Access documents from our Mr. Home Genius Library that will help you start down the right path of any remodel.

If a Mr. Home Genius home maintenance plan isn’t right for you, we offer home repair services with up front pricing and quick response times. Need a garbage disposal installed or a door knob replaced? Fill out a service call request, or call Mr. Home Genius right away.


Are you the DIY type? Does your heart race with excitement when you watch a home remodeling TV show? We know ours does.

That’s why we have created our exclusive DIY video series to help you get the job done right. Our video series is a collaborative effort of Mr.Home Genius Experts scouring the internet and YouTube to find the best of the best DIY and How-To videos for you. We know the best way to get something done with your home, and if we can help you get it done faster and for free, then we are all about that.

You are our homeowner, partner in business, and friend. We are here to serve you first and foremost.